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Temecula DUI Checkpoints

A DUI Checkpoint is a controlled stop that is designed to deter motorist from drinking and driving. These checkpoints, often called sobriety checkpoints, check to make sure that motorists are not under the influence of alcohol and or drugs. If officers notice any signs of intoxication, they require motorists to perform field sobriety tests; if those are failed, officers then arrest motorists and charge them with driving under the influence.

What most motorists do not realize, is that checkpoints must be done in accordance to specific checkpoint guidelines, otherwise the DUI arrest may be considered invalid. A leading Temecula DUI Attorney will be able to inform you whether your checkpoint DUI arrest was valid and lawful or if it may assist in your case being reduced or dismissed.

Hiring an experienced Temecula DUI Attorney

The only way to find out whether the arrest made during a DUI checkpoint was valid is to speak with a qualified Temecula DUI Defense Attorney now; call us toll free or fill out our case evaluation form to have a dedicated lawyer contact you directly.